Astral Man

Submitted by: Heidi Taylor

Where do you go when you are dreaming, in an altered state, meditating, using your imagination, or after you die? Many say it is the Astral Plane, one of 7 spheres of existence that make up our known Universe. It overlaps with the Physical (or densest ) of the Planes and is only separated by a slight difference in energetic vibration. It is the Plane of emotions, creativity, and possibilities, where matter is malleable and easily shaped by our thoughts. The Astral Man is You, the dreamer, the explorer of imagination and integration, the etheric subconscious which is free to try and test limitless ideas, possibilities, and resolutions to physical concerns without consequence. The Astral Plane, respectively, is your playground.
Acrylics on Canvas

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity means nearly everything to me. I believe, in the simplest terms, that we are HERE to create. I think the intention of the Universe itself is to expand and explore all possibilities, and that each soul contributes with the freedom they innately possess to choose how to learn and learn how to choose. There is no end to discovering, creating, and learning. I think it is necessary to each person's evolution to eventually recognize what that truly means. That meaning is not created FOR us, but BY us. We are all creators of the Universe. There is no separation.

What do you love about art, photography, or your own creative passion?

I love art because it is a medium for expression that can better communicate what the artist is thinking or feeling, that sometimes can be difficult to express in words. I'm kind of a "scatterbrain," and can have a hard time formulating my thoughts into words. Painting my ideas seems to be better received by others when all else fails:)

Comments (13)

Heidi Taylor said:

Posted 2 years 49 weeks ago

Adam, thank you so much for such a sweet comment! That made my day!

Adam James Bonine said:

Posted 2 years 49 weeks ago

I am proud of Jason for marrying such an artistic woman. He always encouraged by artwork and his opinion has always meant a lot to me. Your use of color enchants me. Simply wonderful work!

Heidi Taylor said:

Posted 2 years 50 weeks ago

Uncle Paul, that is hilarious! I love it! :) Love you!

Paul David Helgeson said:

Posted 2 years 51 weeks ago

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of Heidi's fears and the summit of Her knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call The Hiligaard Zone.
—Onkle Paul XO

Heidi Taylor said:

Posted 2 years 52 weeks ago

Thanks Momma! Love you!!

Sue Helgeson Hessler said:

Posted 3 years 4 hours ago

YOU my dear are enchanting! love it! love your talent!

Heidi Taylor said:

Posted 3 years 16 hours ago

Thank you Sarah!!

Sarah Labbe said:

Posted 3 years 1 day ago

This painting is so amazing. YOU are so amazing. Rock on girl!

Heidi Taylor said:

Posted 3 years 4 days ago

Thanks Greg!!

Greg Sheprow said:

Posted 3 years 5 days ago

bomb ass love the work neids

Heidi Taylor said:

Posted 3 years 1 week ago

@Elaine and Doug: Thank you both so much!!

Elaine de la Guerre-Swart said:

Posted 3 years 1 week ago

I LOVE this it is AMAZING!!

Doug Schurman said:

Posted 3 years 1 week ago

I love this painting! It's very unique!

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