Shadoboxxer and Kim's day in the city

Submitted by: Victor Toro

This is a cover illustration I did for my comic, "Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot". In the image to the left is Kim she is a close friend to Shado on the right with his ghost cat, Phantom. The background was drawn based on a photo I took while hanging out in NYC one night and I thought it would be a great setting for my character to have some fun when not fighting crime. If you would like to see more of my comic please go to

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity means being able to put all of my hopes and dreams into a tangible form. It can either be spoken about, felt, or admired by either myself or many. It means creating something that causes some kind of emotion that inspires. I feel that it is also apart of the process of hard work and many hours lost in thought to create something that lasts.

What do you love about art, photography, or your own creative passion?

I love that it has no limit. That I can create things based on my imagination, how I feel, or roads that I have taken in my life. I love that when I look at work that somebody has done I can see the love and care they put into it even down to the smallest details. Looking at a plastic bottle cap, each part was created for a reason, the groves, the parts that snap apart, and the curved edges. It's not the big things in art, but the small things that make them whole.

Comments (4)

Mst Loucks said:

Posted 3 years 33 weeks ago

Vivid colors, nice lines, and good movement.

sonia rivera said:

Posted 3 years 33 weeks ago


Jason Richardson said:

Posted 3 years 33 weeks ago

The amount of detail and personality in the piece makes you think it's going to move. It feels like a animation from a major company! Great job! Super professional!

Isis Kain said:

Posted 3 years 34 weeks ago

"No pets allowed." Hehe, like that sign is going to stop them from going any further. The artwork is simply magnificent. I feel like it's a pause to an animated show. Loving the angle of the drawing, the scale of the buildings, and the funky hair styles of the characters. A job well done, indeed!! ^_~

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