Bathtime for Baby Poseidon

Submitted by: Abi Koehler

The creation process of this piece was as playful as the end product.
It first started out with looking at images of children blowing bubbles. Those bubbles ended up turning into thoughts of jellyfish... watching videos of them floating freely as ballet dancers of the sea made me realize they look like umbrellas opening and closing. How would I tie jellyfish and umbrellas together? Add women to the floating scene like Mary Poppins and make them wear dresses imitating the ruffles of the jellyfish tentacles so they tie in.
How would this all go together? Make the child blowing bubbles be taking a bath in the ocean... Baby Poseidon having fun with his creations.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity is that moment where images or thoughts fall into place to grow from a seed in the mind to eventually blooming into something more where others can jump into the thought or the moment you've been keeping inside and share that 'one moment' with you, even if it's only for... one moment.

What do you love about art, photography, or your own creative passion?

I think the art process is like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The first stage I take in as much information and visual stimulation as possible (the caterpillar gorging itself), once I reach a peak of said stimulation I stow myself away and let the thought process build up or branch off in various directions until I feel I have a grip as to how the project is going (pupa stage), and finally when I have my mind together I burst forth from my thought prison and take a new journey into the world and though it will take time to build strong wings and there will be dangers, in the end all I want to do is collect from the beautiful flower that is the end result - my artwork.

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Kristien Owens said:

Posted 3 years 40 weeks ago

This image is visually stimulating and very playful! I think it's also kind of silly to imagine the ocean is a big bath for Poseidon but now thinking about it, it makes sense and I keep imagining blowfish and foot scrubbers and such.
Being a follower of your deviantart, I also noted that you entered ""
which I actually think makes for a stronger piece than this one. Unfortunately, since this is a popularity contest and this one has more votes to it, I'll keep at this one. :) Best of luck!

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