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This is a piece I had drawn for my Grandparents. The bird represents my Grandmother, Antlers my Grandfather, and thread their relationship. My Grandmother is tangled in my Grandfather's antler like grasp. This was done with a crappy no-name tablet, on PS CS4.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity means expression in ways a face or mere gesture can't begin to convey. I can't tell you what my mind produces from a smile or a mournful quiver of my lip. As soon as my medium hits a blank surface, it's as if everything I am pours from me and into the blank abyss of possibility. Creativity means comfort of knowing there is always a way out, always a way back in, and always a friend.

What do you love about art, photography, or your own creative passion?

I love the way art keeps me breathing. It makes getting through the struggle so much more tolerable. Like a ticket away from your dead town, crumby luck, and a magic pill to cure the headache of internalization. Whether it be your own design of your inner being, or someone else's creation that is relative to that moment your eyes meet-- It fills the gap between reality and yourself.

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