Everyone wins

Wacom is teaming up with the International Child Art Foundation to help promote arts in education. The ICAF integrates arts with science, sports, and technology to help inspire children and their love of art. For more information, visit the “Donate” tab at the top of the contest.

Something big

With the top 200 entries (selected by voting), we want to make an even bigger art project. We call this something big. Our forest, if you will. Earn votes and be a part of this surprise, revealed on January 2, 2012.

Three Grand Prizes: further your own education

In Wacom’s “A Thousand Forests” contest, three Grand Prize winners will be chosen from the semi-finalist pool. Each Grand Prize winner may elect to participate in the workshop of their choice from the world-renowned Santa Fe Photographic Workshops held on their campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Workshops offer two-and-a-half day, four-day and five-day sessions. With top-level photographic artists as instructors, each workshop experience stimulates creative exploration and your own individual development as an artist or photographer. Classes are designed to offer alternatives for diverse artistic and photographic interests, as well as for a wide range of skill levels.

Check out some of the upcoming workshop offerings.

Each Grand Prizes package includes:
  • Up to $1,000 tuition credit at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops*
  • Round-trip airfare for one person from anywhere in North America, up to a value of $1,000*
  • Lodging credit at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops campus housing or off-campus housing of your choice at a fixed value of $600*
  • $800 Visa gift card

*see the “fine print” below for details

Workshop Sampling

We like all the offerings at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, but here’s a sampling of their upcoming workshops:

  • Intensive: Encaustic for Photographers, with Jill Skupin Burkholder
    A world of creative possibilities exists within the alternative photographic processes and mixed-media realm. One of the most unique processes is the encaustic technique—using hot beeswax and pigments to enhance images. This workshop with modern master Jill Skupin Burkholder introduces photographers to the basics of working with encaustic materials, exploring mixed-media assets, and the techniques needed to integrate this seductive medium.

  • Route 66: Capture to Print, with Julien McRoberts
    The often-romanticized Route 66 offers a unique experience: a feeling, a perception, a taste of sight and sound, and a photographic journey not to be missed. On this insider’s road trip with Julien McRoberts, we discover and photograph old Route 66 trading posts, filling stations, diners, tourist traps and villages. We then return to the Workshops’ state-of-the-art digital lab to edit, process, and print our images of the fascinating and uniquely photogenic "Mother Road."

  • From The Garden to The Plate, with Francesca Yorke
    Francesca Yorke, an expert in both fields, takes you on a delightful and delicious journey exploring some of Santa Fe’s lovely gardens, the lively Farmer’s Market and a chef’s kitchen.

  • The Fine Art of Travel Photography, with Mark Edward Harris
    Great travel images must stimulate all the senses to unveil aromas, moods, colors, flavors, and expressions―the essence of a particular destination. Explore the craft of fine-art travel photography with Mark and learn to create photographs that go far beyond the “I was there” picture to reveal your story and experience.

Prize Fine Print
  1. Base tuition costs for workshops with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops typically range from $475USD to $1625USD; many workshops have additional fees for locations, models, materials, etc., and some require a meal plan. Tuition credit is valid for tuition costs and associated fees of up to $1000USD. Any unused difference between the $1000USD tuition credit awarded and your actual tuition/fees is neither refundable in cash nor applicable to other related costs, such as travel or accommodations. Costs in excess of $1000USD are the responsibility of participant. Please Note: tuition credit is valid for 12 months from award date.
  2. Airfare accommodations must be made by an authorized Wacom travel agent. Includes round trip coach class accommodations from anywhere in North America up to a value of $1000USD. The difference between your actual airfare and the airfare credit, if any, is neither refundable in cash nor applicable to other related costs, such as tuition or accommodations. Costs in excess of $1000USD, if any, are the responsibility of participant.
  3. Accommodation credit of $600USD is based on Santa Fe Photographic Workshops cost for on-campus housing. This is a fixed amount and payable to participant via check from Wacom. Accommodation credit may be used for off-campus housing or other travel related costs as participant sees fit.
  4. Visa gift card in the amount of $800USD will be sent to winners in advance of the workshop.