Spread the word and get votes

It’s simple. Here’s how it works. Share your art with others and collect as many votes as you can.

Email it. Your email address book should be the first place you go to find your closest friends and family. Shoot them an email with our easy “share” link and ask them to vote for your artwork and help spread the word.

Facebook it. Create an event on Facebook about your contest entry and invite all your friends. Keep the event open for anyone to attend so your friends can invite more friends to vote. And don't forget to click the Facebook icon within the Share tab so you can remind your friends to vote from your Live News Feed.

Tweet it. Tweet a link to your entry in our contest every single day. It will remind those who are following you on Twitter to vote for your entry. You can add a link to your entry by clicking on the Twitter icon within the Share tab.

Blog it. Do you have your own blog? If so, be sure to post about your entry to let others know what it’s all about and what your motivations are. Share the link to make sure all your readers help you rack up the votes.

Get Creative. We encourage you to be creative with promoting your entry. Just remember that voting is limited to one vote per person per registration.